Saturday, May 14, 2011

P90x Back and Biceps and Insanity Cardio Recovery

For some reason blogger would not let me log in the last day and a half so I haven't been able to post anything.  Anywho, the day before yesterday was P90x Back and Biceps followed by Insanity Cardio Abs. Man will Back and Biceps burn your muscle fibers out! My back is still sore. You are attacking your back and bicep from every conceivable angle. Doing a variety of curls and different style pull ups.

When I first started I could barely do like 2 or 3 pull ups. Now I can do 11 just 4 weeks later.  Some are obviously harder than others. There is one called a corn cob pull up where you do a pull up hold it at the top and move your head to the far left then to the right, back to center and face to the bar then down. It's crazy. I could only do 3 before I had to assist myself with a chair. There are so many different curls that I never knew existed and man do you get a crazy pump. Your biceps will be screaming for mercy before your done.

By this time you are probably familiar with me talking about the cardio ab workout from Insanity but just in case your not. It is about a 17 minute ab burning workout without a single crunch or sit up! And it's the most insane ab workout you will ever do. I promise after your first time doing it your abs will be sore for days. There is a lot of plyometric jumps, c-sit positions and plank work.

Yesterday was a bit of a rest day with cardio recovery from Insanity. Which is basically 35 minutes of stretching torture.  I hate this workout because I am soooooo not flexible. But then again I guess thats why discs like this are included.  I can already stretch a lot better than I could before I started. The only thing I will say about this workout is that your legs and groin area will be screaming for mercy by the time your done.  You have to do a lot of lung or squats and hold the contractions for up to a minute while sometimes incorporating pulses. Yikes.

Anyways, almost rapping up the first week of phase 2! I must say the muscle confusion is working for sure because I have been sore after every workout this week. Soreness usually goes away after your body gets used to a particular workout you do. Only thing I can figure is when you stop getting sore after your workouts must mean its time to switch it up or hit it harder.  Tonight is a new workout for me. It is from the P90x plus series, Upper Body Plus. I have previewed this workout a little and it looks killer. Seeing as how my back and biceps are still sore as crap I may cry like a girl tonight. We shall see. Talk to you later.

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